Innovation at Every Interaction

Whether a transaction is made through one of our innovative mobile or online platforms, at a kiosk, or any one of our 380,000 global agent locations, MoneyGram is committed to providing an industry-leading customer experience. Our award-winning native app and website make money transfers simple, reliable, and convenient by meeting the customer where they are. Customers can even find us on Facebook Messenger, where they can use the MoneyGram Sendbot to send money and track transfers.

The Industry's Best Digital Capabilities

We now have digital capabilities in over 70 countries and territories around the world and the best digital user experience in the industry. Our leading mobile app allows members to send and receive money, check transaction status and pay bills all from their smart phone.

Trusted In-Store Services

With more than 380,000 locations, our agent network connects customers around the world. Whether through friendly human interaction or our seamless kiosk service, customers can send and receive money to and from more than 200 countries and territories, all while picking up groceries and other essentials.

Reliable Deposits to Accounts, Cards, and Mobile Wallets

Our customers need to be able to access their money when and how they need it. That's why MoneyGram has a trusted network of more than two billion accounts around the world, including bank accounts, virtual accounts, and mobile wallets, which allow our customers to conveniently send money directly to their loved ones.

More than Money Transfers

We know our customers financial needs go beyond sending money at home and abroad, which is why we offer bill payment services with same-day,* next-day* and two- or three-day* options, as well as prepaid debit card programs. Plus, we're one of the nation's largest money order processors with a network of more than 40,000 agent and financial institution locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Rewarding Repeat Customers

With MoneyGram Plus Rewards, discounts on money transfers are automatically applied and members enjoy exclusive offers and benefits, including 20% off the fee of their 2nd money transfer and 40% off the fee after every 5th money transfer.

*Timing of posting of payment by biller is subject to biller acceptance of payment, cutoff times and operating hours, which vary by biller.