When and How to Report Unusual Activity

MoneyGram is committed to a strong compliance program that prevents and stops fraud. As part of that commitment, we offer a variety of ways for our Agents and their employees to stop fraudulent transactions and to report any ethical violations or suspicious activities of which they are aware, including but not limited to:

  • Ethical violations
  • Suspected money laundering
  • Consumer fraud
  • Suspicion of terrorist financing
  • Consumer transactions that appear to be fraud-induced and are no longer in progress
  • Unusual activities that appear to be conducted by multiple individuals working as a possible network

MoneyGram will make every reasonable effort to ensure the confidentiality of those furnishing information, unless MoneyGram is required by law or regulation(s) to disclose the information.

In addition, Agents and their employees located in the European Union may report this information directly to the applicable regulator. When reporting suspected violations, you are not required to disclose this information to MoneyGram. You can access a list with contact details of regulators within the European Union here.

If an agent or employee of an Agent suspects that any transaction is related to unlawful activity, DO NOT process that transaction, and take one of the following steps:

Report by Phone

Report by Online Form