Leveraging our systems and networks
to create positive societal change.

Corporate Citizenship

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10 aims at reducing inequality within and among countries. Target 10.c of the goal aims to reduce the costs of migrant remittance transfers to less than 3%, saving remitters $20 billion annually.  

MoneyGram proudly reports its average fee to customers is approx. 2.9%, significantly lower than the 6.3% industry average reported by the World Bank and in line with the UN’s target. 

Crisis Disbursement Program

In times of crisis, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations face lack of access to cash distribution networks. MoneyGram enables many organizations to leverage its global licensure and infrastructure to pay-out aid across MoneyGram's global network of over 430,000 retail locations in 200+ countries and territories.  

MoneyGram, Stellar Development Foundation, Circle and Vibrant collaborated to launch Stellar Aid Assist, a first-of-its-kind blockchain solution to deliver instant and transparent digital aid at scale. In Ukraine, the UN Refugee Agency and International Rescue Committee successfully piloted the solution to send digital aid via USDC stablecoin to Ukrainian’s mobile wallet, which can be cashed-out into local currency at over 4,500 MoneyGram locations in Ukraine once safe to do so.

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MoneyGram stands as an industry leader in compliance with applicable laws and regulations relating to anti-money laundering (AML), terrorist financing, and consumer fraud prevention.

We are the only money transfer organization to require customer identification for every transaction, starting at $1 – a standard that’s well beyond the legal requirement and stricter than the industry standard.


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Through GlobalGiving, we support projects focused on improving financial literacy, workforce development and job readiness - especially for immigrant and refugee communities.

Learn more about the organizations we support.

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MoneyGram matches full-time and part-time employee donations to Save the Children 100%, doubling the impact of every donation for global efforts that deal with crises and disasters.

MoneyGram has donated more than $1 million to the Children’s Emergency Fund to date.


Across MoneyGram’s regional offices, employees have created RED Teams to coordinate volunteer events in their communities. RED Teams also plan employee engagement activities and share highlights to strengthen connections with other MoneyGram offices around the world. 

MoneyGram encourages and supports its global network of employees who are making an impact in the communities where they live and work. We offer two community PTO days so that employees can give back in their local communities. 

Each year, MoneyGram celebrates International Volunteer Day by kicking off its Global Month of Service. Employees volunteer as a group, or individually, across the world, coming together as a global team to make an impact.

Inclusion and Belonging

We know that a company is no better than the employees who represent it. MoneyGram works to develop and promote strategies and practices which support and engage all stakeholders regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, background or ability.

The Social Impact team hosts employee enrichment series to celebrate diversity, increase awareness and foster an atmosphere of equality and inclusion.

2022 Social Impact Report

MoneyGram proudly shares our 2022 Social Impact Report, which demonstrates our Company’s commitment to creating a positive difference in the global community. The Social Impact Team, with the guidance of our Executive Leadership Team, continuously evaluates MoneyGram’s progress against our four Pillars of Purpose: corporate citizenship, philanthropy, volunteerism, and inclusion and belonging.

Read the 2022 Social Impact Report and learn more about MoneyGram’s impact.

2023 Techstars Payments Powered by Stellar and MoneyGram

The Techstars Payments hybrid accelerator program focuses on innovative fintech solutions addressing gaps across payments infrastructure throughout Latin America. In 2023, 12 startups were selected covering a range of fintech industries, including lending, investing, payments, personal financial management, financial literacy and infrastructure. Startup founders engaged with 75+ mentors, including executives from MoneyGram and Stellar, in over 900 meetings to get closer to market fit and advance their products.

At the end of the program, founders presented at a demo event and investor dinner in Miami. Multiple Techstars alumni are building solutions and engaging at a deeper level with both MoneyGram and Stellar. Many are on the path towards closing funding rounds.

Explore the 2023 Techstars Payments class below. The 2024 program has closed applications and will start in January 2024. Learn more about Techstar Payments 2024 investment thesis.