Effortlessly Expand Your Business

Meet your customers' needs with our outsourced service offerings. We can help prevent fraud losses through our compliance programs, ensure daily reconciliation, provide inventory management, generate additional income, and expand your products and services portfolio with minimal resources.

Our programs include a dedicated service team, an easy-to-use online portal, digital reporting, and overall program coordination. This allows you to save time on mundane tasks, so you can shift your focus to more important business objectives.

We offer:

  • PrimeLink® official check processing programs and services that free up resources, maximize revenue and efficiency, and limit fraud exposure, with knowledge backed by more than three decades of experience.
  • International and domestic money transfer services with a single point-of-service platform at approximately 400,000 locations in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • Money order services at more than 40,000 domestic locations to help generate additional revenue, walk-in traffic, and offer a reliable alternative to cash and checks.

Integrating our solutions into your existing business requires minimal effort but affords big dividends.