Tech and IT Jobs at MoneyGram

At MoneyGram, you won't just be working on the network that helps customers easily send money across the world. You'll also be connecting with people that will help you advance your career by developing new skills and making an impact in a global, technology-focused company.

It all starts with a modern tech stack supporting key business initiatives. Our unique line of work creates challenges around identity resolution, fraud prevention and anti-money laundering that are resolved through the innovative use of modern tools and technologies built by our IT professionals. In addition to our key partnerships with AWS and GCP, you'll also have exposure to ApiGee, Kafka, Kubernetes/Docker and more.

Training & Development

Employees get access to self-paced online courses in partnership with cloud vendors, SCRUM team-level tailored training plans and weekly tech chats with our enterprise architecture and engineering groups to stay on top of developments across the company.

Career Paths

There are several career paths available for an IT professional at MoneyGram, including opportunities in web frontend, code/backend, data analytics, product development, as well as cloud engineering operations and support. We foster collaboration across a flat organization, allowing you to showcase your talent and delivery to top IT leadership without barriers.

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