MoneyGram's Multinational and Multicultural Environment

At MoneyGram, employees from all walks of life are what make us who we are. We are proud to watch this diverse workforce and to have the opportunity to consistently engage with people of different ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities, socio-economic statuses, sexual orientations, belief systems and more.

We prioritize an inclusive environment and intentionally seek feedback on how we can continue to promote equality and strength to evolve our culture of excellence. But don't just take our word for it.

Read what our employees have to say:

"My favorite part of my job has been working with so many different nationalities. I love having colleagues from all over the world. It allows me to view the company's reach globally, not just domestically."
Krystall Smith, Texas, USA  

"Both the most challenging and my favorite part of the job is the breadth of offerings and markets that MoneyGram covers. The work we do and stories that I tell in social media touch so many different people groups and cultures."
Cody Butler, Texas, USA  

"My favorite part of my job is the diverse people I work with. On my first day with the company, I met people from Spain, Morocco, France, Sudan, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico and Ethiopia. This truly is an international company - from the people we serve to the people who help make it all possible."
Ruben Diaz Jr., Texas, USA  

"I have had the privilege and honor of getting to know some amazing people! I am a proud member of the RED team, Recognizing Employees Dedication. I enjoy giving back to my colleagues. We host grab-and-go breakfasts, off-site social gatherings, and we celebrate holidays."
Karen Witucki, Minnesota, USA  

"My favorite part of my job is working with diverse talent across the globe. I love learning about new cultures."
Veronica Larson, Minnesota, USA  

"MoneyGram is a household name, and I know their pick-up service to the Philippines is one of the best. My favorite part of my job I that I get to see and speak with my fellow Filipinos on a daily basis." - Froilan Ong, New York City, USA