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Today’s competitive environment in financial services creates challenges for businesses that would like to establish long-term relationships with customers looking for quick and convenient ways to manage their finances.

MGiAlloy™ is a dynamic customer-centric alternative financial services platform that enables any business or financial institution to provide high-demand AFS services to their customers.

The on-demand software platform fuses financial services from leading providers into an integrated suite, creating a unified customer experience across multiple channels.

MGiAlloy™ delivers an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tool to attract and retain this growing number of consumers who depend on alternative financial services (AFS) for life’s essentials.

Benefits to you:

The MGiAlloy™ integrated financial services platform can enable AFS delivery across any channel; teller, web, mobile, ATM, and kiosk. What sets it apart is that it starts with the consumer, using a single customer file, which provides a 360 degree experience. It also allows their transactions and behaviors to be monitored and controlled for compliance or for marketing purposes.

Benefits to your customer:

MGiAlloy™ is available today, delivering a unified suite of services that enables consumers to pay bills, transfer money, cash checks, register & top-up prepaid cards and more in a matter of minutes regardless of channel with a single log in.

The MGiAlloy™  platform integrates all service providers and delivers a unified customer experience across multiple channels.

  • Maintains a single customer profile & transactional data
  • Uniform customer experience across all channels
  • Allows for limits & simplifies adherence to compliance requirements
  • Integrates pricing & promotions to personalize experience & drive volume
  • Supports multiple payment accounts & split dispersements
  • DDA
  • GPR
  • Cash
  • Flexible integration model leverages existing systems; customer profile, SSO, POS systems, teller / core systems
  • Services abstraction & extensible business logic support future-proof business flexibility
  • Integrated reporting for compliance, marketing, & settlement

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*Money transfer timing subject to agent operating hours, availability and local laws and regulations.  Prepaid card timing subject to system availability. Bill payment notification may be available in real time or within 10 minutes except Next-Day Service or 2-3 Day Service. All service levels subject to cutoff times, vary by biller, are in business days and do not include weekends or holidays. Actual payment posting time and availability determined by biller.