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Paper Payments

Attracting new customers through AFS

Attract new customers and strengthen your existing deposit relationships by providing in-person alternative financial services (AFS) at your branch locations:

International and domestic money transfer services

Customer can send and receive money in as little as 10 minutes* to more than 339,000+ locations in 200+ countries and territories, and:

  • Service does not compete with traditional wire transfer programs
  • MoneyGram offers a single point of service platform - including MoneyGram's money transfer, bill payment, and prepaid service

Expedited and convenience payment services

Supplement your existing bill payment services by providing customers with the ability to make same-day payments to thousands of top U.S. billing companies like Capital One, DirecTV, DISH Network, Ford, Geico. Honda, Nissan, Santander, Vanderbilt, and many more:

  • Nearly 7,500 billers currently available for payment
  • Same-day, Next-day, and 2-3 day payment services
  • Competitive consumer pricing

Prepaid card loads and mobile recharge services

Offer the convenience of card reloads and mobile recharge services at your branch locations:

  • Real-time card loads and mobile recharge within minutes
  • Top domestic prepaid programs, like AccountNow, RushCard, NetSpend, and Univision
  • Top domestic and international mobile phone providers like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Movistar, Unefon, and Orange

Online affiliate program

Expand your money transfer and payment services with no capital or dedicated resources. Enable your customers to send person-to-person money transfers, pay bills, and load prepaid cards online from the convenience of virtually anywhere:

  • Links consumers from your financial institution's website to MoneyGram's site
  • Convenient payment methods accepted including bank account, debit or credit card
  • No upfront capital and fast implementation

Money orders and official checks

When you eliminate the time spent on the many tasks surrounding your Official Check and Money Order programs, you can free up valuable resources that enable you to focus on other important business initiatives. Make MoneyGram's Official Check and Money Order program the key to your success.

  • Inventory management
  • Online and live operator servicing
  • Daily reconciliation