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Growing your business through alternative financial services (AFS)

As one of the fastest-growing global remittance companies, financial institutions, businesses, and consumers alike have trusted MoneyGram for 70 years to move money when it matters most. Now you can too. MoneyGram provides consumers, businesses, financial institutions and alliances alike with diverse and innovative options for moving money.

As your manager struggles to do more with less, preventing fraud losses, with timely reconciliation and keeping resources focused on the needs of your customers is increasingly challenging. With your increased focus on compliance, regulatory and security issues, rapidly changing technology and increasing competition for customers many financial institutions are seeking outsourcing alternatives. MoneyGram works with you to design programs to meet your specific needs allowing you to maintain control while focusing your internal resources elsewhere.

What our customers think
"Sometimes misconstrued as just for the "underserved" or "underbanked" we know the market for AFS is much broader."
  • More than 1 in 4 households or 68 million adults, are either unbanked or underbanked, conducting some or all of their financial transactions through non-traditional banking solutions like MoneyGram
  • About 25% of households, including all underbanked households and 64.9% of unbanked households, used AFS in the last year.*
"So whether customers are banked, underbanked - or just plain in a hurry - your financial institution can serve the growing demands of their everyday needs with MoneyGram."   -Ronald Moorehead - EVP/CFO First Financial Credit Union

Our AFS suite delivers international and domestic person-to-person money transfer,expedited bill payment services in the U.S. and Canada, prepaid card loads,  mobile recharge, money orders, and official checks.

Why choose MoneyGram:

  • A leading global remittance company - moving millions of transactions each year
  • Providing non-traditional financial services for 70 years and non-traditional banking solutions for more than 40 years
  • 339,000 worldwide locations
  • Located in 200+ countries and territories
  • A robust and world class Compliance organization
  • Trusted by 7,400+ official check locations
  • Brand presence in 51,000+ domestic money order locations
  • On-going product enhancements to keep pace with consumers and technology
  • Fast standard deployment with minimal  up-front investment  Full 24/7/365 customer support for your customers and financial institution

Benefits to your financial institution:

  • Retain and strengthen existing relationships
  • Attract new customers
  • Generate additional fee-based income
  • Gain peace of mind and expertise with MoneyGram's strong compliance program
  • Expand your products and services with minimal resources
  • Provide the flexibility to reallocate resources to other business initiatives

*April 2012, World Bank, Migration and Development Brief