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Making Money Transfers Easy for Consumers Around the World

MoneyGram’s mission is to make money transfers easy for our customers. Our hybrid suite of digital and traditional products allow our customers to send and receive money anyway, anywhere and anytime they choose. Whether a transaction is made through one of our innovative online or mobile platforms, a kiosk or at any one of our nearly 350,000 global agent locations, MoneyGram is committed to providing an industry leading customer experience at every interaction.

  • Online, Mobile & Kiosks: MoneyGram’s award-winning website, app and kiosk are all in place to make money transfers easy. From our millions of consumers, to the thousands of agents who partner with MoneyGram, these digital innovations make money transfers reliable and convenient by meeting the customer when and where they need our services.
  • MoneyGram MobilePass™: MoneyGram MobilePass gives customers in the U.S. complete control over the entire transaction process by allowing them to start their transaction on their phone and finish it at one of the thousands of US MoneyGram locations of their choice. The product eliminates forms and expedites transactions for both the customer and the agent.
  • MoneyGram SendBot™: The MoneyGram Sendbot is a smart and convenient platform that allows customers in the U.S. to send money transfers to any of its 350,000 locations around the world through Facebook Messenger. MoneyGram Sendbot is the first full feature money transfer chatbot offering convenient services such as a "track a transfer" tool and location finder. The bot is intuitive, interactive and easy to use. Customers can access it by searching for MoneyGram in the Messenger Discover tab.
  • Account Deposit: MoneyGram is connected to more than 2 billion accounts around the world. These include bank accounts, virtual accounts and mobile wallets. Senders can send to their friends and family members’ accounts via cash at agent locations or via credit/debit card from our mobile and online channels. This near real-time service provides customers with a fast and secure option to send funds through the trusted MoneyGram network.
  • Agent Locations: Consumers can send and receive money at any one of MoneyGram’s approximately 350,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories. Recipients of funds can typically pick up their money within minutes at any MoneyGram agent location, subject to agent operating hours, availability and local laws and regulations. Find a nearby MoneyGram location.
  • Bill Payment Services and Pre-Paid Services: In the U.S. and Canada, MoneyGram offers bill payment services that enable our customers to complete urgent payments or pay such routine bills as rent, car payments and phone bills, with same-day and two- or three-day options. Customers also can load and reload prepaid debit cards in cash at an agent location or through MoneyGram Online with a credit or debit card, to nearly 300 prepaid debit card programs.
  • Money Orders: Money orders are designed for consumers to make payments in lieu of using cash or personal checks - in fact, we're one of the nation's largest money order processors. We have a network of over 40,000 agent and financial institution locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico at which to buy money orders.