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Our focus

"...Inspired by our customers' drive to create new opportunity."

For more than 70 years, MoneyGram has been helping people around the world and their families stay connected across borders and boundaries, oceans and countries. Our financial services and global network are used daily by millions around the world for life's essentials of food and housing, higher education, or building for the future.

Inspired by our customers and employees

We are inspired by our customers and employees -- driven to create new and better opportunities for themselves and their families. This passion for improving their lives serves as our inspiration for the MoneyGram Foundation.

" is the heart of individual freedom."

"...everything we do goes toward inspiring minds and improving lives."

Empowerment through education

MoneyGram established the MoneyGram Foundation to help families around the world transform their lives. Because MoneyGram believes education is the key to better economic opportunities, healthier families, individual freedom and empowerment, the Foundation focuses solely on helping children around the world gain better access to educational facilities and learning resources.

In some countries, we've seen educational opportunities abruptly end when entire schools are destroyed by natural disaster. We've spoken to families who can't send their children to school because there is barely enough money for food and water and no money for school supplies, books, or uniforms. And, we've seen how a lack of basic health education can put families in jeopardy.

That's why the MoneyGram Foundation exists. Everything we do goes toward inspiring minds and improving lives. Please join us on this important mission.