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Transforming lives around the world
through education

There are millions of children around the world who do not attend school because their families cannot afford school supplies, books or uniforms or because traditional schooling is out of their reach due to lack of tuition money or transportation. In some areas, schools cannot operate because they've been shuttered in the aftermath of natural disasters or simply have little to no learning resources to share with children because they cannot afford books, technology or even teachers.

The MoneyGram Foundation is focused on inspiring minds and improving lives. By helping teachers acquire much-needed learning tools and resources, expanding children's access to educational facilities and helping to make a well-rounded education more attainable, the Foundation hopes to improve the physical, emotional and economic livelihood of children around the globe - an improved livelihood that will help lead to prosperity that will have a positive impact on future generations.

Since its inception, the MoneyGram Foundation has provided grants for basic learning supplies, including textbooks, computer technology, notebooks, crayons, pencils, erasers and rulers - a first step toward engaging students in the classroom and helping them stay in school. The foundation has also funded the basic costs of education such as tuition support where school is not free, salaries for teachers who would otherwise be unable to give their time to educate children, and infrastructure in places where educational facilities are sparse or nonexistent.

Recently the MoneyGram Foundation has provided grants for:

  • 100% of the annual budget for three schools in Rawalpindi, Pakistan with 70% female enrollment.
  • More than 1,000 reading curriculum books for children in Guatemala.
  • The school curriculum, supplies, and salaries of 6 teachers for one year in Mumbai, India that educate migrant children of construction workers.
  • Training for more than 160 teachers in technology and entrepreneurship student curricula in Guerrero, Mexico.
  • Over 30% of the annual budget for 90 impoverished girls in rural India to live and attend school.
  • Up to 25 grants ranging from $1,000-$2,000 each for Dallas Independent School District teachers to fund innovative teaching programs focused on STEM and literacy.
  • The purchase of school uniforms for more than 400 neglected and abused children living in foster care in Miami, Florida.
  • The translation and printing of 500 workbooks and teacher training for financial literacy education for orphaned teenagers in Ethiopia.
  • A full time staff member for a literacy program to help non-English speaking Arab American children catch up and excel in New York City public schools
  • The funding for tutoring and volunteer transportation for 2 years for education programs for families displaced by earthquakes in Haiti and El Salvador
  • The teachers' salaries for three classrooms of 60 non-English speaking preschoolers in KIPP Academies in Dallas, TX to enable the kids to attend a full day of pre-kindergarten and enter kindergarten fluent in English
  • The refurbishment and supplies for an 8th grade classroom for year-round tutoring and instruction for at-risk youth in Minneapolis, MN
  • The shipment of 25,000 new books to 500 schools in the Philippines where communities have been destroyed by recent natural disasters
  • The deployment of 150 rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptops for middle school children in South Africa, allowing them to experience technology and connectivity for the first time
  • A summer reading program and after-school tutoring for at-risk youth in Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Three mobile science labs in India, which will travel throughout the year to reach more than 20,000 children in rural areas with hands-on science learning
  • A kindergarten facility in Vietnam for 45 children who currently have no school to attend
  • Transportation, theater workshops and performance tickets for thousands of Dallas-area children to be exposed to theater arts education, many for the first time
  • Preparation workbooks for urban debate leagues to prepare inner city children in Dallas, Boston and Minnesota to participate in debate competitions, an after-school activity proven to improve academic performance
  • Four years of school tuition and tutoring as well as a new boarding house for children in Kenya who have been orphaned due to AIDS or political violence

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