1. Information about MoneyGram

  1. The MoneyGram® online money transfer service (“Service”) is provided by MoneyGram International SRL (“we” or “us” or “MoneyGram”). MoneyGram is a limited liability company established in Belgium with registered office at Rue Joseph Stevens 7, BE-1000 Brussels, Belgium (company registration no. 0671.690.653).
  2. MoneyGram is a payment institution authorised and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium ("NBB") (reference no. 0671.690.653– see www.nbb.be) for the provision of money remittance services.
  3. These terms and conditions only apply for money transfers initiated online through our website (“Website”) or – where available- our mobile phone application (“App”). For other terms and conditions please visit www.moneygram.com/terms.

2. The MoneyGram Service

  1. The Service allows a sender to initiate a money transfer (“Sender”) via our Website or App to a natural person designated by the Sender (the “Recipient”) as a single transaction (a “Transfer”). The Recipient may then, depending on the Sender’s selection and availability of each product in the receive country: (i) collect a Transfer in cash at a MoneyGram agent location in the designated receive country (“Cash Pickup”); (ii) receive the Transfer into a bank account or other type of account (i.e. mobile wallet) designated by the Sender (“Account Deposit”); or (iii) receive the Transfer through personal delivery through our partners in the designated receive country (“Home Delivery”).
  2. A Transfer can be funded by the Sender directly through credit or debit card or other payment method offered by MoneyGram.
  3. The Service is only available to persons 18 years and over and may not be used for any unlawful purpose, which includes, without limitation, the transfer or receipt of payment for illegal activities, the transfer of funds which constitute money laundering or terrorist financing under applicable law or which are obtained by illegal activity, the transfer of funds for the purpose of funding illegal activity, the transfer of funds for the purpose of avoiding the seizure of such funds by law enforcement authorities, tax evasion or under orders of any court of law.
  4. In order to use the Service, the Sender must set up a profile through our Website or the App (“Profile”). The Sender is required to update their personal information contained in the Profile in case of any changes before making a Transfer. To close a Profile please contact our customer service helpline.
  5. We may terminate or suspend the access to a Profile at any time, including without limitation, if: (a) the Sender attempts to transfer or charge funds from a credit or debit card that does not belong to the Sender; (b) the Sender’s card issuer attempts to charge back a Transfer on the basis of a dispute related to a Transfer; (c) the Sender provides incorrect or false information about himself, its debit or credit card details or about a Recipient; (d) the Sender has breached these terms and conditions; (e) we determine that the Profile has been inactive for a substantial time period; or (f) we believe that a Transfer has been used for an unlawful purpose.

3. Transfer Order

  1. Prior to a Transfer being submitted by the Sender, we will make available the following information depending on the Sender’s selection: (i) the amount to be sent by the Sender (“Send Amount”); (ii) the amount the Recipient will receive; (iii) the fees that the Sender will be charged for a Transfer (“Fees”); (iv), an indication of the exchange rate that will apply to a Transfer; and (v) the execution time (e.g. when the funds will be made available to the Recipient).
  2. In order to complete the submission of a Transfer via our Website or the App, the Sender shall: (i) confirm the acknowledgement of the fraud warnings displayed on the online form; (ii) confirm the acceptance of these terms and conditions, (iii) provide its consent to the execution of the Transfer, and (iv) confirm that the information submitted in the online form is true and accurate in all respects (in particular when providing account details for Account Deposits). In certain cases, we may require additional information from the Sender including, but not limited to, further background information relating to a Transfer and we will either contact the Sender directly or ask the Sender to contact us to obtain the additional information before a Transfer can be successfully completed.
  3. A Transfer will be accepted, and a valid binding contract entered into, once we send an e-mail to the Sender with the following information: (i) the 8 digit reference number which the Recipient will require in order to receive a Transfer (“Reference Number”); (ii) a confirmation of the exact amount to be made available to the Recipient in the selected pay out currency (“Receive Amount”); (iii) a confirmation of the Fees that have been charged, (iv) the exchange rate applied to the Transfer; and (v) the execution time (e.g. when the funds will be made available to the Recipient) (“Acceptance”).
  4. We may, at out sole and absolute discretion, refuse to accept a Transfer where: (a) by doing so we might break any law, regulation, code or other duty that applies to us; (b) doing so may expose us to action from any government or regulator; (c) it may be linked with fraudulent or illegal activity or used for an unlawful purpose; or (d) we have taken a decision to do so in accordance with our internal policies. In such cases, we will endeavour where allowed by law and our internal policies to provide the reason for refusing to complete the Transfer.

4. Conditions for Cash Pickup

  1. Upon Acceptance of a Transfer, the Recipient may collect the Receive Amount from a MoneyGram agent location during the agent’s operating hours, subject to local restrictions and compliance with regulatory requirements. Depending on the delivery option selected by the Sender, the Recipient will be able to collect the Receive Amount within minutes (“10 Minute Service”), the next day (which will either be from 7:00am local time or after 24 hours of the Transfer being sent, depending on the availability ("Next Day Service"), or after 48 hours of the Transfer being sent ("48 Hour Service"). Further additional restrictions may apply.
  2. The Sender is responsible for notifying the Recipient when the Receive Amount will be ready for collection.
  3. To collect the Receive Amount, the intended Recipient will be asked to identify themselves by providing an identification document and their own details, the Sender’s name, country of origin, the Receive Amount and the Reference Number (“Collection Details”). Cash payment shall be made to the person that our agents and partners deem entitled to receive the Receive Amount after examination of the identification document. The identification requirements for Recipients vary by country.
  4. The Sender is required to ensure that the details of the Transfer as well as the Reference Number is not disclosed to any third parties or made publicly available, except for the disclosure to the chosen Recipient. If the Sender discloses any Collection Details to anyone other than its chosen Recipient then (i) the Sender can make it easier for someone to impersonate the Recipient and collect the Transfer in the Recipient’s place; and (ii) we will not be liable if we pay the money to someone (other than the Recipient) who gives our agent or partner (a) the Collection Details and (b) evidence of identification which our agent or partner reasonably believes is valid.
  5. In case the Transfer has not been collected within 90 days by the Recipient, we will treat the Transfer as no longer capable of execution (“Expired Transfer”). We will have no obligation, after that 90-day period, to execute an Expired Transfer.
  6. If an Expired Transfer occurs, we will attempt to contact the Sender to arrange for a refund of the amount of the Expired Transfer. If the Sender becomes aware that a Transfer has not been collected, the Sender should contact us to ask for a refund.

5. Conditions for Account Deposits

  1. Upon Acceptance of a Transfer, we will make available the Receive Amount to the specified account within the execution time notified to the Sender. Transfers to mobile wallets, prepaid cards and similar accounts are usually completed within a few hours.
  2. For (i) Transfers to a bank account outside of the European Economic Areas (“EEA”); or (ii) Transfers to a bank account with more than one currency conversion from EUR and the currency of a EEA country, which is not part of the Eurozone; or (iii) Transfers which are cross-border to a bank account not taking place in EUR, the Recipient will obtain the money within four business days at the latest.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

  1. Upon Acceptance of a Transfer it becomes irrevocable. However, the Sender is entitled to cancel a Transfer if the Transfer has not yet been collected or received by the Recipient or credited into the Recipient’s account. The Sender can request to cancel a Transfer via our Website, our App or via our customer service helpline. Where a Transfer is cancelled, we will only refund the Send Amount.
  2. Where a Transfer was not authorized by the Sender or has not been executed correctly by us, we will refund the Send Amount and the Fee in accordance with applicable law provided (i) the Sender has notified us about it without undue delay upon becoming aware of it, and (ii) the situation is not due to abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside of our control.
  3. The Sender must notify us as soon as possible in case a Transfer was not authorized or has not been executed correctly. We will not process a refund if the Sender unduly delayed telling us about the problem and in any event told us more than 13 months after our Acceptance of a Transfer.

7. Charges and Currency Exchange

  1. The Sender is required to pay the Fee for a Transfer via the selected payment method which is the only Fee we charge to a Sender. The Sender’s card issuer may charge the Sender a fee in connection with its payment for a Transfer.
  2. In certain receive countries, local taxes and services charges may be levied at the time of collection. For Account Deposits, the Recipient may be charged by their bank or account provider for receiving money on their account.
  3. Where the Sender pays for a Transfer in one currency and selects it is paid out in another currency, the Send Amount will be converted using our exchange rate. Our exchange rate is based on the closing rates available on the financial markets globally plus a margin. Exchange rates are subject to variations on the financial markets which we cannot influence and may change several times a day.
  4. In some countries, the currency conversion only takes place at the time of collection of a Transfer due to local requirements. In this case, the stated exchange rate at clause 3.1 is only an estimate and the actual exchange rate will be determined at the time of collection which may influence the Receive Amount.
  5. For a Cash Pickup Transfer to a receive country outside of the EEA, if the Receive Amount is stated in USD and the collection location does not pay out in USD, the Send Amount will be converted into the local currency using our or the agent’s standard exchange rate.

8. Our Liability

  1. We have no obligation to execute a Transfer if (a) we are unable to obtain satisfactory evidence of the Sender’s identity; (b) we have reason to believe that the information provided by the Sender is incorrect, unauthorised or forged; (c) the Sender provides us with incorrect or incomplete information; or (d) in case of clause 3.4. We shall not be liable for damages resulting from non-payment or delay in payment of a Transfer to a Recipient or failure to perform a Transfer under the Service by reason of any of these matters.
  2. We will not be liable if we break this agreement because of abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside our control where we could not avoid breaking this agreement despite all efforts to the contrary (such as force majeure events). We will not be liable for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages suffered by the Sender.
  3. Nothing in this clause 8 shall (a) exclude or limit liability on our part for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or fault; or (b) exclude liability for our wilful misconduct, gross negligence or fraud.

9. Data Protection and Privacy

The Sender consents to the collection, use, disclosure and transfer (including cross-border transfer) of its personal information as described in our Privacy Notice, which is available on our website at www.moneygram.com/privacy-notice, or by calling us. We are legally obliged to process the Sender’s and the Recipient’s personal data for the prevention of money laundering and terror financing, in particular under Regulation (EU) 2015/847.

10. Customer Service & Complaints

  1. We are committed to ensuring that the Sender receives high quality service from us. In the event that a Sender is dissatisfied with our Service or believe that a Transfer has not been correctly executed, the Sender should contact us as soon as possible. For questions, complaints or other matters the Sender can contact us as follows:
    • Phone: please visit http://global.moneygram.com/ to find our toll free numbers;
    • Email: customerservice@moneygram.com; or
    • Mail: Resolution Assurance Department, MoneyGram International, Konstruktorska Business Centre; 13 Konstruktorska Street, Warsaw, Poland 02-673.
  2. We will deal with a complaint promptly and fairly. We will try our best to resolve the complaint at the first opportunity. The Sender agrees that we may communicate with him via email and in the English language. In case we feel we need more time to resolve a complaint, we will send the Sender a final response letter within 15 business days of receipt of a complaint. In exceptional circumstances, we will send the Sender a holding reply within 15 business days specifying the deadline by which the Sender will receive our final response, being no later than 35 business days from the date of the initial complaint. If the Sender does not receive our final response or the Sender is unhappy with our final response, the Sender can write to Ombudsfin at North Gate II, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, n°8, bte. 2, 1000 Bruxelles; Email: ombudsman@ombudsfin.be; Fax: +32 2 545 77 79 or complete an online form at their Website: www.ombudsfin.be. The Sender should do so within 6 months from the date of the final response.
  3. Ombudsfin will only deal with complaints related to Transfers initiated within Belgium. If the Sender’s habitual residence is outside of Belgium, the Sender may also have the right to refer a complaint to the local ombudsman of its country of habitual residence and follow the local out of court complaints and redress procedures to register a complaint. Further information can be found on the website of the European consumer financial complaints network at https://ec.europa.eu and the leaflet provided by the European Commission when making payments in Europe for consumers.
  4. The Sender also has the right to refer a complaint to the EU-Commission's internet platform for resolution of disputes (ODR Platform). The ODR platform allows both customers and business seeking out-of-court resolutions for disputes to online contracts for the sale of goods or services. You can access the platform via the following link:  https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm.

11. Governing Law

  1. If your habitual residence is in a country of the European Union, this Agreement and the relationship between us shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country of your habitual residence. Otherwise Belgian laws shall apply.