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Global Partner
Compliance Policy

Purpose of Policy

MoneyGram Agents and other non‐agent distribution channels are important partners in offering MoneyGram money transfer and other services and products to our valued consumers. Because MoneyGram and its partners are required to comply with various laws and governmental regulations worldwide, MoneyGram has issued this Global Partner Compliance Policy ("Policy").

Agents and their employees are part of the first line of defense in protecting consumers and preventing criminal abuse and exploitation of MoneyGram products and services. The Policy outlines the responsibilities of Agents globally to comply with:

  • Applicable laws and regulations,
  • MoneyGram's policies and procedures
  • Required actions for effective implementation of strict anti‐money laundering and anti‐fraud standards

This Policy also reinforces MoneyGram's commitment to protecting its consumers and to preventing the use of its products and services by anyone for:

  • Fraudulent purposes
  • Money laundering
  • Terrorist financing
  • Or other illegal activities

MoneyGram requires the same commitment from its Agents and their owners, shareholders, governing authorities, management, and employees. Agents are responsible for implementing this Policy.

MoneyGram has translated the Global Partner Compliance Policy into 32 languages making it easier for you to read and share the content of the Policy with your managers and other employees associated with MoneyGram products.

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