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MoneyGram's compliance

Compliance is an extremely important topic for MoneyGram.


MoneyGram embraces a culture of compliance in our commitment to protect consumers who use our products and services. We want to ensure our services are not being used to process illegal transactions related to money laundering, fraud, scams, terrorist financing, OFAC and other watch list or sanctions violations, and any degree of illicit behavior. 

As a MoneyGram Agent or Partner, it is crucial that you understand the impact of illegal transactions on you, our customers, and on MoneyGram as a whole.  It is your personal obligation to comply with the requirements of MoneyGram Policies and Programs. This also means knowing, staying current with, and following each city/state/province/country compliance regulations related to your business. 

MoneyGram Agents and their employees should also safeguard the systems used to process MoneyGram transactions from illegal activities such as:

  • Stealing employee or consumer data
  • Manipulating computer systems with unauthorized software updates
  • Attempts to send "test" or other unauthorized transactions via the phone

You and your employees are asked to often review the training material and industry related information accessible by the links on the left side of this page to minimize illegal use of your business and MoneyGram products and services.

Thank you for working together with MoneyGram to create a culture of compliance and protecting the interest of our customers. 


Please click on the correct links on the left to access important and/or required information related to:

  • Compliance Program,
  • Anti-money laundering and Consumer/Agent related fraud prevention information and training
  • MoneyGram Agent Compliance programs and policies


Financial Institutions Terrorism Hotline

MoneyGram continues working with the FBI, OFAC, and other global law enforcement agencies in their investigation of terrorist organizations. We ask that any of our business partners or Agents who suspect transactions or business deals that might be related to terrorist activity to immediately contact the U.S. Department of Treasury at 1-800-767-2825 or (703) 905-3591 or by emailing your inquiry to

For more information on terrorist financing and other illegal activities, please visit the U.S. Department of Treasury website.

Please immediately contact MoneyGram in addition to any other regulatory or law enforcement agencies you may contact as outlined and required in the MoneyGram Global Partner Compliance Policy.